The new Khadi collection

Yellow baby blouse-bloomers-blue blouse-indigo checked dress-bloomers set

Khadi collection for little ones

Everyone…! I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished a small collection of khadi clothing for girls. The reason I’m being dramatic (i.e if one really needs a reason), is that I’ve been dreaming of it ever since I got pregnant. I had sleep time visions of the color indigo, unbleached cotton and checks and stripes on little girls… in fact I was craving indigo colored clothing, like one would crave a doughnut. Those were some weird pregnancy cravings I had. Floral is all good but little ones in checked bloomers and striped dresses..ah..tres chic…Just pair them with tan strappy sandals.

Now, 1.6 yrs down the line, I’ve sourced the kind of fabrics I want, made the patterns, stitched the samples, photographed them on very wriggly models, edited them and now I’m writing this. Now all that is left is, Instagram-ing it, Face-booking it and talking endlessly about it, to get the traffic zipping at warp speed on the internet to stop for a second and check out my Etsy shop.


Now for some more pictures…

Yellow cotton dress with pleated yoke-baby blouse-bloomers-pinstriped girl's dress with pockets

Girls collection

yellow baby blouse with ruffles - striped hair bow

Ruffled yellow baby blouse

green 1

green block print dress - wood buttons - lace

Block print dress in mint green

I believe in simple functional clothing, with girls dresses always, always featuring pockets. The bodice roomy enough and the style fuss free. All of these fabrics are fair-trade and eco-friendly as well, so that’s a bonus.

What do you think? I’m working on some boy’s patterns now and you will be seeing them soon…

These are currently available ┬áin my Etsy shop – Essikakids. Don’t forget to check it out..And tell your friends too..:)

Have a great day! Cheers!

New year, new ventures

I sometimes envy the earth. All it does is go round and round, floating around in empty space, with no one putting any pressure on it to move faster or slower. It doesn’t understand the frenzy it causes the human species because it decided to prance around the sun once more.

Well, like all normal people, I have set an inordinate amount of things to be achieved while we whoosh past at about 67000 miles per hour(no tearing hurry), trying to finish our bazillionth trip around the sun.

Obviously, time has to move really fast when you are trying to do something and what do you know, its already February.

I’d like to think I’m on track so far. I’ve opened a shop on Etsy like i had planned, making functional, simple, kids wear, using natural fabrics only. Please do check it out when you find the time. Search for ESSIKA KIDS on Etsy. Here are some pictures for you to peruse. It was hard parting with these fabrics because it is so beautiful and light and I wanted them all for my self. I’ll be the crazy fabric lady sitting on a pile of these and cackling loudly.

white-mul-front red-checks-front romper1front blue-front teal-front






















The pictures don’t do justice to how rich the colors are. All hand block printed, apart from the checked ones, which are made with a special cotton called MALKHA – eco-friendly vegetable dyed cotton fabric.

So that’s how things are on my end. What is up with you? How’s the new year going for you?

Let me know what you think of the clothing too…Go on, don’t hold back.

Much love and cheers!

Ethical fashion in India

I thought I’ll broach a topic that is a little squirm inducing for most of us, unless you are sociopath or a marketing person (sometimes both are one and the same). It is about clothing and the people who create them. To lay the foundation a little bit, I’ve always been a snob when it […]

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Kerala days – Summer vacation

We are just back from our Easter vacation in Kerala, specifically Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala (Or so my husband claims). It is a compact little town with small roads and huge houses (and I mean gigantic). Its more or less a “whose got the biggest house” competition going on over there. I’ve also […]

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The Chikan-kari dress

Or as my daughter likes to call it,”The chicken curry dress” and I have to say, it looks as delicious as the chicken curry that my husband makes. He is a good cook, I have to (grudgingly) admit, although, don’t tell him I said that.

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A finished dress + cool bias binding trick

Polka dots is my favorite.I feel happy when I see polka dot fabric, and it will just as soon end up in my stash. I’m glad I sewed it up into something, instead of leaving it to die quietly in my cupboard. Behold the..

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The hole dress

Why is it named thus, you ask? Scroll down..

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Motherhood, a second time..

I never imagined myself to be a mom of 2….But I am now a mommy of 2 girls…basically I’m thrilled to be having 2 girls and cant wait to get back to sewing for little one is 3 months old and I don’t know how some of the other bloggers do it, but I […]

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Another linen dress…

If I have to sew with only fabric, it will be linen all the way…I love its simple, no fuss, easy breezy look that says “I look cooler when I’m all crumply”..And little girls in linen dresses is pretty, pretty, pretty..In fact, I might change the lyrics of the song “Favorite things” to make it..”Girls […]

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