Visit to the desi “Hamunaputra”

We visited Hampi a couple of weeks ago, (and I’ve been writing this post for the last few weeks with no hopes of ever finishing it). Anyway,this is not the season to visit Hampi at all, the  heat being so high that it induces madness (at least in me). But we got a chance to stay at the amazing Orange County resort in Hampi, and when you do (get a chance) you wont really care about the weather.

Orange county, resort, Hampi, Luxury resort

Orange county resort, Hampi

We started from Bangalore at sunrise (at least we wanted to, but things like last minute loo trip, going back to switch off fans, kids trying to shove a large doll into a tiny suitcase unsuccessfully, ensuing meltdown etc, we managed to leave at about 7.30 am). It took about 6 hours to reach the resort, with good roads most of the way.

The resort stands majestically in the middle of the dry landscape of Hampi, looking like a magnificent palace. It is a sight to behold  at night, with the grounds lit up by little lights. The resort is designed keeping the environment in mind, and you see signs of it everywhere from consumption of solar energy to urging guests to reduce water wastage and pollution.

It was gloriously cool inside the resort and after gulping down some delicious coconut milk drink, served by the friendliest staff I’ve seen, we went in for lunch.

eco resort, orange county, hampi resort

Orange county resort, Hampi


Since we snacked almost non-stop in the car on route, we decided to have a simple north Karnataka meal for lunch. Which looked something like this.

Image result for north karnataka food

North Karnataka delicacies. Source : The internet 

Tummies filled for the moment, we checked in to the villa where we were staying. It was called Jal Mahal and it was breathtakingly beautiful. It has its own private pool with a “Mantapa” to lounge in.

Orange county resort

Private pool and mantapa at Jal Mahal

Orange county resort, Jal Mahal, bedroom


Everything was so still and silent, and you could hear the million cicadas beating their wings and birds playing peekaboo from behind the rocks.

There were some errant ducks taking a dip in the pool as we went in. The kids were thrilled to see a pool that was all theirs and the afternoon nap was completely forgotten.







The next day, we set out to see some of the ruins of Hampi. There is an eerie feel to the place, with the abandoned structures and gigantic boulders that are purportedly a million years old or more.

Hampi bazaar

Precious gems were sold in these bazaars during the reign of King Krishnadevaraya

Vitthala temple

Boulders on the banks of river Tungabhadra. It is said that, this river ran red with blood during the war between the kingdom and the Deccan Sultans

             Groovy Persian dance

                Pillars at Vitthala temple

                 This is the spot where royal weddings took place

There was so much more to see but so little time. It is a trip worth taking one more time and may be visit Orange County again. Might try climbing a few of those rocks the next time.






Boys have nothing to wear!

I’ve heard a lot of moms bemoaning the fact that clothing for boys is so boring/typical with designers not really bothering to go beyond slapping on some cars/buses applique or trending cartoon prints. I’ve never bothered looking at boys fashion, why because I have girl children…tee hee..I can make fun clothes for them or just pore over Pinterest like someone’s paying me to (and then dream about making them all).

Then I came upon this brand called Caramel Baby and Child UK, and they have the cutest little boys clothing I have ever seen.. Aaaargh…look at the shirt…! and the those pants..I can’t bear it…All you lucky mamas of boys!

Corn Baby Shirt, Micro CheckAzuki Baby Trouser, Rustic Check

Inspired by Caramel, I have made a few boys styles for my dinky little Etsy shop. It looks really good on, even if I say so myself…;)

I have  used luxurious fabrics like Belgian linen, fairtrade Khadi cotton with natural indigo dye and ikat from Orissa. It is a simple silhouette, easy to wear and goes well with some nice linen shorts (which I’m currently making). Seriously, we should just dress kids in plain oatmeal color linen..gorgeous fabric that gets softer with each wash.

Anyway,  I had an amazing holiday at Hampi last weekend, a UNESCO world heritage site (the seat of the Vijayanagar empire). We stayed at the luxurious Orange County resort, which to put it mildly, is a STUNNING place. If you are in the mood to see some ruins of an ancient empire, check into Orange County first, get pampered royal style and then go about the rest of your trip, because there is a ton of walking to do. The staff is so genuine and sweet, and they just pamper you and lull you into thinking its your home and you never want to check out. Pictures and more about the trip in the next post, coz right now I’m hungry.




The new Khadi collection

Yellow baby blouse-bloomers-blue blouse-indigo checked dress-bloomers set

A khadi collection for little girls made with soft hand loom cotton in beautiful summery colors.

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The Chikan-kari dress

Or as my daughter likes to call it,”The chicken curry dress” and I have to say, it looks as delicious as the chicken curry that my husband makes. He is a good cook, I have to (grudgingly) admit, although, don’t tell him I said that.

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A finished dress + cool bias binding trick

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The hole dress

Why is it named thus, you ask? Scroll down..

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