Project 2 – the wrap dress

This week, i’ve started working on a wrap dress with this gorgeous midnight blue/black polka fabric. Its silk satin and incredibly difficult for me to get it to behave. Its literally like water and I would be proud of myself if i get it done. I did the pattern myself, with help from Helen Joseph Armstrong.

I was too lazy to do three pattern pieces and since there is no yoke, the whole pattern is soooooo huge that i have to run around the table to make the various markings and then cut it. So i did 1 pattern piece for both right side and left side of the front, and 1 back piece..(yeehaaaa hahhaa). Pattern purists might shudder..:D

So this dress coming out fine is a bit of a risk, but i like living on the edge…

Lets see how it goes.


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