Computational couture

This is too good…i initially read about it on the Fashion Incubator. There is an app that is being developed called Continuum where you can draw a dress on a female form and it is instantly converted to a 3D pattern that can be flattened out and cut on fabric and sewn…its a whole new way to make bespoke clothing…although the dress is a made up of lot of traingles (traingluation), so basically the dress will be cut as traingles and sewn…its looks very futuristic  and i dont know if ppl will actually like to wear something like this but the idea is cooool..below is a picture of the dress :


Basically you can rearrange the traingles in anyway and make your own unique  design…Check out the link below of the dress i drew..hee hee

The other cool thing i saw was the N12 bikini..

Its a 3D printed Nylon bikini that is flexible and comfortable..ahh 3 D printing..check out the pic below. Its made up of layers and layers of nylon printed very thin to make a bikini..It is not made of fabric..


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