Search for sewing supplies

I ventured out to avenue road in bangalore because i needed a good pair of scissors and pinking shears. After googling a lot i figured out that thats where you get these tools..Since, Bangalore is under garbage crisis, with all the strike going on, avenue road would have been the worst place to go to..anyway, i completely ignored that, since i was dreaming of shops filled to the brim with sewing supplies..

There was lots and lots of garbage, i can tell you that..i walked all around, and went to this whole sale paper shop in search of oaktag and brown paper for pattern drafting. I had to buy this huge roll since it was only wholesale..I carried my huge bundle of paper and set off towards Raja market were supposedly you’ll get “anything under the sun”. All i found was a few “fancy” stores that sells cheap beads and laces and other random stuff. I went in there and asked for tailoring scissors. Already my dreams of finding a place filled with Kai and other branded scissors vanished. He gave me what looked like shears made in the stone age by beating some metal together.


Trimmer, pinking shears and tailoring shears

The tailoring scissors is sooooo difficult to use, its crude and has the most painful handles ever. Its metal and its unfinished so you can imagine. Anyway, i bought these, and thankfully, they are pretty sharp and they cut well. But i also have to bandage my hands before i can use them  he he..

Phew..i think i should open a shop to sell sewing supplies..what say?

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