Blue lace dress

Hello!! Its almost been two months since i wrote anything but to make up for it, i have a lot to write about this project – a beautiful dress in navy blue stretch lace. I have a decent amount of pictures too! I bought this beautiful stretch lace from a market in bangalore. There is an amazing collection of cotton fabrics here and some surprising finds like this navy lace material i found. You should be prepared to dive into mountains of fabrics and not be allergic to dust.I decided to make a dress in the best possible way, and its lucky that i signed up for Susan Khaljie’s Couture dress class on Craftsy! I learnt some amazing tips and tricks and im surprised at the way this dress turned out. I admit, its a simple dress, but i drafted the pattern myself and then went on to put it together. Underlining is a brilliant concept that i learnt and im already using it in the next project im working on. Im also completely in love with silk organza! From what i read in other blogs, you dont get silk organza that easily in the fabric stores. But here india, we get it at Rs.210 per metre…Yippy!! Thats like 4 dollars..! so i have a good amount of silk organza now with me.

So back to the dress : Its a regular front bodice with two waist darts, the back is dartless at the waist except for the shoulder. The sleeves are elbow length, and the skirt..ah its a slinky skirt thats clings to the hips and then flares out. The skirt didnt cling as much since i used silk organza underlining and it cancelled out the stretch effect of the lace..:(

The navy lace dressI left the egdes of the dress raw. I basically cut around the floral pattern of the lace something like scalloping.

_MG_5877 _MG_5878

I like the effect of the silk organza showing through the dress.

I edited these pics on Picasa. There are some cool effects that can be used.This good friend of mine was sweet enough to take the pics..:) You can see in the pics below, the basting stitches and the silk organza underlining.

Picture 013 Picture 012 Picture 014 Picture 015 Picture 018

The only problem was that the silk organza started to fray a bit at the neckline and the sleeve hem. I didnt plan for that, so i didnt cut enough of it to finish it. But it wasnt too much of a problem!


  1. keep going Merlin….


  2. Beautiful work! I stumbled across this post searching for sewing supply stores in Bangalore and an amatuer myself it’s amazing to see sewing adventures in India..

    are you from the apparel industry or a fashion designer? cuz your skills seem to be pretty advanced..wud love to hear from you..



    • Hi Rupa! I’m a self taught fashion designer..I have some good books that help me with pattern making and sewing..I’ve been sewing for more than a year now…I’m planning to train myself in bridal design..:) do keep your comments me lot of encouragement…thx! Let me know if you need any help…


  3. love it love it love it :))))))))))))))))))))))


  4. Bridal design! that sounds interesting Merlin! keep at it and have fun 🙂
    i’m getting back on the sewing machine more this year..hope to make some lovely stuff..Happy new year!


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