My new serger

I finally took the plunge and bought a serger!!! I did a lot of searching on the internet about various sergers, and i found several for Brother mostly. I checked out my local sewing machine dealers and i found only some industrial ones, that have 1 needle and 1 looper. Its a basic machine with no other features. I somehow didn’t like the finish, since the over locking was not very tight and the  raveling threads keep escaping. I didn’t find a single place where models like the Brother machines were sold.

Then, a friend found out that Juki has an office in Bangalore…So i went there and found an excellent serger – Model 644D

Juki 644 D

  Juki 644 D


stitch tension dials

stitch tension dials


Oh the joy at finding a serger like this..:) Such machines don’t seem to be advertised . I guess its out of the league of home sewers here and the sewing machine companies aren’t interested in pushing it.

This is a 3/4 thread machine ( 2 needles and 2 loopers). Threading it is extremely simple, takes about 3 minutes. Although it helps if you have smaller hands.. but tweezers are provided for the hard to reach parts..

I love the 3 thread finish for finishing seams. I especially like the narrow rolled hem with a serger. It looks beautiful.

3 thread overlocking

3 thread overlocking


narrow rolled hem

narrow rolled hem

When a bias piece is stitched, you can stretch the fabric a little and it gives you a beautiful fluted edge like you see above.

Its lovely, especially on hems, ruffles, collars..wherever.

Basically you tune each of the 4 threads to get the kind of stitch you want..Its like playing the guitar..:D

And i have to add, I’m the first one in Bangalore to buy this machine..yay! They should have given me a discount for that..

I’m going to be doing a lot of serging , since i have a huge stash of delicate fabrics which are perfect for narrow hemming..cant wait..




  1. amazing!:-) is this a home sewer’s machine or an industrial one? how much did it cost? thanks to you, i’m now thinking about getting one for my self 🙂


    • Hi! :), This is a home sewing machine…! It costs around 20k, and If you live in Bangalore, you have to go the Juki company showroom ( you can find the details online). You can perhaps negotiate a little bit. It is worth every penny, in my opinion. Its very fast, like an industrial one and extremely sturdy..Go for it..!:)


  2. Wonderful! I am lookinf for the new one. I am curious if they sell this sergers in Europe! Have fun and enjoy it!


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