My euro trip

I got back from Europe last weekend. I had a full seven days in the continent and I visited Utrecht, Amsterdam and Paris. So this is going to be a long post, probably broken into parts..:) I did pass Antwerp station on the way to Paris but i guess i cant count that. These days, I don’t go anywhere unless there are some opportunities to ogle/buy sewing related things. So I did plenty of research and found some fabric and sewing supply shops in Amsterdam and Paris, thanks to a lot of helpful blogs.

Utrecht is a small city 20 mins away from Amsterdam, and that is where i stayed, with friends of mine. I didn’t count it as a major sewing destination,but wow, i was really surprised. There were amazing sewing supply shops there!!

Utrecht City

We were walking around a lot..( oh, special note for Indians, You HAVE to walk everywhere, unless you own a bicycle) Aah..if only there was an auto..anyway..there is no pollution because of this and everyone there look like supermodels!

I went to several sewing supply shops in Utrecht central but didn’t buy much thinking, I was going to Paris , (the fashion capital of the world!!). That was a mistake!

Button display at one of the shops in Utrecht..Look at those gigantic buttons!

Button display



Wow..! i get a little confused when i there is so much of something…There was a variety of elastics, buttons, pattern papers, zippers, boning…anyway i didn’t buy much…it was a treat for the eyes though..


We ended up having lunch in one of those beautiful cafes along the canals…The city is worth going to..It looks like a fairy tale town or a movie set..everything was quaint and sooooo pretty..including the people, who are quite friendly. Walking around the city area, you’ll find tons of small shops selling unique stuff..Thank Β goodness there weren’t any malls…Shops shut by 5pm though and don’t open until about 10.30 am.

Amsterdam was a tourist place, so it was crowded and there are lots of different people milling around. I was more excited to go to Albert Cuypstraat which was the hub for sewing nerds like me..There are other markets/streets there like Noodermarket, Westerstraat, but there you’ll find only vintage collectibles..

Albert Cuypstraat was great! There were lots of fabric stalls, and fabric shops, and also the famous Kniphal (apparently it was featured in Project runway Amsterdam).


Leather bags at Noodermarket

DSCF1371Albert Cuypstraat..Lots of interesting fabrics…i bought acetate lining fabric in black and white..Its a nice light lining and solves the most annoying issue of having to line delicate fabrics..You can find plenty of colors there..

DSCF1372I bought that nice wool jersey…the grey herringbone one which is plain grey on the inside..


Small stalls selling thread, Β bias binding in plenty of prints/colors, very unique laces..I bought some nice folding elastic, that can be used like a binding at necklines and armholes..

Binding elastic

Binding elastic

I don’t really know what this elastic is called but it is a great option for binding raw edges in knit wear. ( on hindsight, i should have bought a lot more..)

My next post will be about Kniphal and other fabric shops i visited at Albert Cuypstraat. I also made most of the clothes i took to europe, so I’ll be posting separately about that too.

Till then…


  1. Wow! It is pity we did not get in touch earlier! I am glad you liked the Netherlands. You have discoverd shops I am still looking for. Please let me know the name of the shop in Utrecht. I may go there one day πŸ™‚
    I have to visit this market in Amsterdam … I love these bags ….
    It is so fanny – you coming to the NL buying fabrics while I buy silk at your area … online πŸ™‚


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