Enchanter à Paris

Parissss….Never been more excited to visit a city. Its a city that grows on you, I think. For me, it held something exciting around every corner. In spite of my grumpiness at having to lug a backpack around, and of course having to walk (:D), a voice kept screaming in my head..”I’m in PAREEEEE”..I could’nt believe it…the first thing we did was to go eat at Saravana Bhavan, which was around the corner from the train station…Yummiest dosa i had ever eaten..he he..i know I’m shameless, but an Indian needs her idly/dosa sambar and kaapi…The waiters at saravana bhavan looked more tamil than the average tamil, and  I definitely did not expect them to say “Bonjour Madame..!!!”

My main itinerary was to go to Montmatre (Near the Sacre Coeur Church), where all the fabric shops are..


I spotted Marche St.Pierre and Tissue Reine there. I saved those for the last.I checked out the Coupons shops first (The shops where fabrics are sold in smaller quantities like 3 meters and such). There were very interesting fabrics, especially acetates in different colors for 7,50 euros. They were the real deal I guess, very soft and light and would make fabulous linings. I couldn’t buy as much as I would have liked, since I obviously can’t carry much on the plane.


Marche St Pierre didnt have any interfacing supplies, or i think they didnt, coz, they firmly shook their head when I asked for tricot  intercfacing, and I was kicking myself for not learning what the French word for it was…Not knowing French can be a bit of a problem there. But there was a lot of amazing fabrics – printed cottons, silks, jerseys….I went into Tissue Reine next and really liked the shop. It was huge, airy with a beautiful wide artistic staircase taking you to the next floor. I pounced on a rack that looked like interfacings and other supplies on the first floor, and finally found fusible, tricot interfacing. I bought it in black and white. This was not Fusi-knit though, and I expected  Fusi-knit to be found everywhere considering it is called French Fuse…aaahh…


I also went to some shops that were called “Mercerie” and they had a ton of notions, and some construction supplies..I bought a gigantic packet of Burda style tissue paper and a big size carbon tracing paper. Its better than taping 2 pieces of A4 carbon sheets together..(although i hardly use carbon paper now).



Burda style tissue paper

Tissue Reine had some fabulous fabrics and I almost passed out looking at the prices..:D The only fabric i bought in Paris would be a silk voile fabric with vintage 40s women printed on it..very very cool and very very Parisian..it cost 25 euros a meter!!!….phew..No wonder designer clothes cost so much..


I have only 1 meter of this fabric, so no idea what I’m gonna make…

Fabrics aside, I thoroughly enjoyed walking around Paris and sitting around in cafes having wine and toast (yeah, i did that once)…And i finally went to the Louvre to see the real Madame Monalisa and she did not disappoint..

Montmatre is a lovely place to walk around..lots of interesting clothing boutiques and the prices were very reasonable..I gorged on endless croissants, ate macarons, madeleines, crepes, creme brulee, and an epic finale at Muniyandy Vilas..:D


It is famed for its uber flaky, melt in the mouth parottas and chicken..I also heard a French lady asking for “Medhu vadas”…

The most heart stopping moment of the trip was when I turned a corner and suddenly saw the Eiffel tower..We were walking around that area, but i didnt expect it to suddenly be there…oh..its amazing to the see the famous Eiffel tower in real life..really amazing..


I will be back soon  Paris, armed with a few more French words..until then..Au revoir!!


  1. Oooh! Paris! How fun!


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