Strapless bustier dress by Burda

Hee hee..I’ve deserted my blog for I don’t know how long but I was busy sewing the whole time..seriously..I just didnt feel like putting it up since it was pretty casual stuff..anyway I’m making a comeback to blogging with this hot number by Burda : The strapless bustier dress..It was a contest and I fall for such things..I bought the pattern a week ago and today was supposed to be the submission date but they extended it…

I decided I’m going to post the pictures the way they are, inspite of the extra time given now..

This is the first time I’m attempting a boned corset like dress..and yay..its really not that difficult..I learnt a bit on Gertie’s class (Craftsy) on how to sew the bombshell dress but never tried it i had to hunt around here in Bangalore for the boning and i finally found it in a tiny alleyway…(bangalore peeps, if you want any details on where to get boning, pls drop a comment).

It fits great but i found that I cant really move much in it..( i can sashay in it, but if you ask me to dance with this dress on, I cant…)I have to keep tuggin it up..Might have to add spaghetti straps to it, if i have to wear it here..

I also reduced the length and added a silk organza trim to the bottom…

I interfaced the lining pieces in heavy weight interfacing (the one i usually use for collars), and before turning over the lining to the inside, I did under stitching of the lining to the main piece like a good girl. (You know how lazy we sewers get).

After making the whole thing, I tried it on and the invisible zipper decided to split…I did the zipper all over again..i mean..seriously i need a medal for that..

so here are the pics..If you are reading this and you like my dress, please do vote on the Burdastyle site…Thank you!! πŸ™‚





















  1. where did you buy the boning. btw, dress looks great πŸ™‚


    • Hey Shruthi..are you from bangalore? there are places here where you can get boning..seppings road is one such place..its in a small gully but if you ask around you can find it..:) Thanks for your comment btw..


      • thank you so much πŸ™‚ yes i am from Bangalore. and i love your blog. its very inspirational πŸ™‚ thank you so much. you should continue blogging and help people like us.


  2. can you share the pattern pdf please πŸ™‚


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