The dirndl skirt tutorial

Hey beautiful people,

Here is a fun project for you to get started on your sewing adventure..So go and dust off that sewing machine you bought long ago, and get ready to do some sewin…:D

This project is easy, quick and very satisfying to make..its a one hour well spent..

A dirndl (pronounced derndle) is a simple skirt made with a rectangular piece of fabric, with the longer side being the width and the shorter side being the length. You need to understand some mathematical equations to make this article of clothing…For instance, you remember the formula for finding the area of a rectangle? ok i’m just kidding..he he..

All you need to know is the waist size and the desired length of the skirt..(it could be a mini skirt or a maxi..)

The width of the fabric is usually 2 to 3 times more than the width of the waist – you need all that extra fabric for the gathering at the waist.

So if your waist size is 28 inches, take a piece of fabric that is 84  inches or more…you can make do with less also. The usual width a fabric comes in is 45 inches. So you can cut 2 45 inch strips of fabric in your desired length and stitch to together to make a long one piece.

I made a skirt for my little girl, so i took the width at 45 inches.


So here are the instructions :

Prep time – 15 minutes

Sewing time – 30 minutes

You will need :

The desired fabric –  1 metre @ 45 inch width (amount of fabric can be decided by you depending on who you are making it for. For a little girl, you only need 1/2 mtr of fabric. To make a short skirt for yourself, you need 1 metre. You need to cut it along the width to make two pieces that are 45 inches each and stitch it together to make 90 inches wide fabric.

Matching thread

A long piece of elastic – about an inch wide

Stitch length – 2.5

(I’m assuming you know how to thread your machine and stitch in a straight line, if not, just do it a few times on scrap fabric…) And always stitch on the wrong side of the fabric. When you are stitching you should only see the wrong side.

Step 1 :

Finishing the bottom hem – here I’ve used a fabric which has the scallop design at the bottom. So i didn’t have to finish it. But you might have the raw edge there so fold half an inch of the edge to the wrong side and fold it again for half an inch so that the raw edge is not visible and press is with a steam iron. Then stitch the edge. I don’t have a picture for that, so here is one i took from Google. You can see its been folded twice so the raw edge is not seen. (Just press the iron over the fabric. DO NOT rub it back and forth)

Step 2 :

Fold the fabric in half, along the width and stitch half an inch from the raw edge.

IMG_6439  IMG_6440

Step 3 :

Fold the top of the skirt (the waist) down for 2 inches


Step 4:

Now take your elastic. Cut it at 2 inches less than your waist size. Overlap the two edges and do a zig zag stitch back and forth 2 or 3 times to secure it.



Step 5:

This is where the magic happens. Put the stitched circle of elastic inside the folded top part of the skirt, fold the raw edge of the fabric under and stitch a little from the edge. Do not stitch on the elastic, it wont stretch. You will notice that the fabric starts gathering as you stitch, so keep pulling the elastic to make it fit the entire width of the fabric.



Keep the elastic flat as you stitch. Make sure it doesn’t twist.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you are done!! congratulations.. you made your first skirt!! Even if you don’t get it the first time, its will only get better as you keep sewing. Read all the instructions first, try doing it once on a spare fabric and then finally do it with your desired fabric. You will learn only when you sew.

This way of putting elastic is not the traditional way where you stitch the waist first and then thread the elastic inside and then finish. But this is the most efficient way to do it. So just practice this.

and here is the skirt. I made one in pink as well..IMG_6449

You can see some of my sewing room mess here..

IMG_6459 - Copy

IMG_6474 - Copy

IMG_6475 - Copy

IMG_6479 - Copy

You can do many variations – like adding lace at the bottom, adding ruffles etc..

Hope you liked this post…Ill come up with something interesting for your next project…may be some home decor item…

Meanwhile, keep sewing..:). Cheers!

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