Most awesome bias binding tutorial ever…

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Forgive my leaning towards hyperbole for the title, but I became highly excited when i did bias binding on the neckline using this new method and saw the results…!! Bias binding is one of the things i dislike doing. This last tiny bit of finishing always ends up spoiling my entire project that I spend hours doing. The reason being, I just don’t like the way it looks.

Stitching in the ditch drives me insane, and the wrong side always looks makes me cringe..and I don’t like using the binding foot, just because I do not want a line of stitching on the bias band..

As luck would have it, I was reading shirt making tips on the net and I stumbled upon this blog where they mention that glue stick is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. It helps keep everything in place, so i decided to try it on bias binding. And it worked..!! I loved the end result…You need to see the pictures to believe here goes..


Take your bodice piece and your bias tape. I cut the bias tape about 1.25″ in width and then dragged it under a steam iron to stabilize it. So the final width after steam press is about 1 “.

Bias tape

Press the long raw edges towards each other to meet in the middle.

IMG_6605 Stay stitch your neckline..(always always stay stitch..never miss that step)


Align one side of the bias tape along the stay stitch line and sew on the  fold line. The fold line is your guide.


Now you need to clip and trim it down to 1/4th of an inch.



Now for the awesome part..You need to take your glue stick and apply it on the stitch line (on the wrong side)



Then fold the bias tape over and press it with your fingers in place..don’t tug it this way or that…press it flat..




This is how it will look after pressing it on the glue (with your fingers, not with an iron). Obviously you cant  see my fingers in action cos i needed them to click the pictures..

Now stitch from the right side as close to the binding as possible. Stitch in the ditch if you can, but i find it difficult on delicate fabrics since the “ditch” is too narrow..


QUICK TIP: Do not stare at your needle as you sew…look at the presser foot guide..

presser foot guide

The edge of the presser foot should be aligned with the edge of the bias binding, and as long as your eye is on that, the needle will follow..(the right side of the gap on the presser foot, hope its clear..)

Now…(drum roll please) The wrong side…..IMG_6616

Isn’t that pretty…I mean, please….just look at it…Anyway..if you are impressed with this, then try it the next time you make comes out looking so much better than when you use pins to hold it in place and then stitch from the right side…Totally neat trick..

So that’s it…hope you liked it…:) Cheers…




  1. ruchi Shaikh says:

    Merl, I looooove ur stuff! Why don’t you start a kids wear line???


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