Another linen dress…

If I have to sew with only fabric, it will be linen all the way…I love its simple, no fuss, easy breezy look that says “I look cooler when I’m all crumply”..And little girls in linen dresses is pretty, pretty, pretty..In fact, I might change the lyrics of the song “Favorite things” to make it..”Girls in white linen dresses and blue satin sashes”..Of course,it might throw the rhythm all off, so don’t try singing it..

I drafted the pattern for this one, as I usually do, but the design is something I lifted off Pinterest..he he…It was a women’s top from a brand called Envelope, where the bust dart was gathered…here’s the pic..

Gathers from the bust dart - a nice way to add fullness without adding too much to your front.

I modified this design, since i made it for my 4 yr old girl, so no bust dart obviously..I just made a seam at the empire line in a the shape of an upside down L and then gathered that piece..

Linen love



Do not look too closely at the embroidery..I don’t know how people do it but by the time i finish one flower, I’m exhausted…so i just hurry through it..and this is what happens…

The sleeve is pretty nice huh? Its a split sleeve, that required a bound finish before getting stitched together..IMG_6620










So there it is….hope you like it..:)



  1. I like linen also. When I mentioned the drawback of its wrinkles, a friend said oh, but it’s an elegant wrinkled. 🙂


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