Kerala days – Summer vacation

We are just back from our Easter vacation in Kerala, specifically Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala (Or so my husband claims). It is a compact little town with small roads and huge houses (and I mean gigantic). Its more or less a “whose got the biggest house” competition going on over there.

I’ve also heard that there are houses there with an elevator built-in , because the house is too big to get from point A to point B on foot. It belongs to a diamond jeweler or a gold jeweler, I forgot which.

My in-laws have a beautiful house there and my daughter has been fizzy with excitement at the thought of going there, getting spoilt by her grandma and lording it over the cousins to whom she is both exotic and amusing.


As you can see, my mother-in-law (hereinafter referred to as MIL) has landscaped the area beautifully. It would have been incredibly enjoyable if it wasn’t so hot and humid. It was about 10 degrees hotter than Bangalore!

My MIL runs a boutique in the town where custom orders are taken for children’s clothing. The sewing factory is in the backyard of her home! I love hearing the whirrrrr of the sewing machines there everyday, especially because I’m away from my own machine and usually am in some kind of withdrawal when I get away from it. (I don’t really vacation very well. My usually agitated self does not enjoy the deviation from routine). So I thought I’ll photograph the sewing machines like the total weirdo that I am and make a post of it.


This gorgeous yellow door leads to the factory.

stitching room

stitch 1

Half finished can-can skirt.

cutting table


Ooooo…look at that cutting table..

I also took pictures of interesting elements in the house, like for instance, we sit on a pew usually found in churches to watch TV..How cool is that!! It is also about a 100 yrs old. There were plenty of such vintage items  and I’ve shown a few here.


The rose wood pew.


An antique chest, with a weighing scale surreptitiously hidden underneath. The weighing scale, let me tell you, is not a malayalee’s friend. There’s too much delicious food around to bother about weight and frankly this scale will only be judgmental.

An vintage wooden chair made of teak wood. Angels (Cherubs?) looking reverentially at the Samsung tablet and I have to agree with them. I cannot live without it. There were plenty more vintage furniture made of teak all around the house, screaming their rich cultural heritage.

Easter lunch was fantastic and true to form, there was chicken 3 ways, pork, fish and some veggie dishes in case anyone complained. And no one will, because in Kerela, meat rules all. Let the rest of world be on its vegan rabbit food phase. We will eat the rabbits.

IMG_20160329_102021 - Copy

This picture covers one half of the table only.

IMG_20160329_101956 - Copy

Fried cottage cheese being made in the kitchen. I’m glad I had this picture coz I saw no evidence of it when I came out to eat.

We had a great time, especially the kids, playing ball, blowing bubbles and enjoying the scenery. We in fact had the pleasure of seeing two peacocks that decided to come by and hang with us.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Have you been to Kerala? Share you experience. Would love to hear from you. Cheers!!



  1. Chachi , well written .
    Superb . Even though I see that yellow door daily , I never thought it is this so beautiful.


  2. Chachi ,
    Well written .
    Even though I see that yellow door daily , I never thought that it is so beautiful …..


  3. That beats my Easter break hands down. The pictures are wonderful, and I would have loved to have been able to share that feast – I would be happy to eat rabbits too!


  4. I have never been to that part of the world. It’s interesting to learn about how others live.


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