The hand embroidered collection

Psst…hey everyone…this is going to be a quick post, typed quickly and quietly before my little one hears the clickety clack of the keys and comes bouncing from her room to sit on my lap, demanding me to open Pinterest. I don’t blame her…just type “geckos” on Pinterest and see for yourself.

Anyway, I added some more pieces to the Khadi collection that I wrote about earlier, this time with some hand embroidery.  I have used fabrics like double gauze and natural dyed khadi cotton. Seriously fantastic fabrics. You wouldn’t want anything else touching your skin when you try natural fabrics. I’ve been reading a lot about pesticides in cotton and the toxic chemicals used in dye stuffs, and its enough to keep me awake at night. And they are all cancer causing!And they all get into our drinking water. Apparently a third of a pound of toxic pesticides are used in making a t-shirt. So multiply that by the trillion t-shirts sold everyday and you’ll get the picture.

I try to use a lot of natural dyed fabrics, handloom cotton, artisanal fabrics like block prints, ikats, kalamkari, jamdani etc. I know, its not always possible to buy only natural dyed clothing, as they are not always available, they fade a little and all that, but being aware of what goes into a garment that you are buying is the first step to reducing the damage before it become catastrophic.

Here are some pictures of the collection for you. If you are following my Facebook page or Instagram, you might have seen them already. But what the can see them again..:)


Excepting the blue checked dress, all of them are khadi cotton woven with natural dyed yarn. The blue checked fabric is a fabulous double gauze material I found in one of the stock lot fabric markets. Its really amazing, woven with two separate fabrics, all yarn dyed, not printed. Its criminal  to let it go to waste, since these stock lot fabrics end up in land fills after a while.

Let me know what you think.

There are many wonderfully inspiring brands that make good quality affordable clothing using artisanal fabrics and I will be showcasing them in the subsequent posts. So keep reading and see you soon. 🙂

P.S: You can find the above dresses and more in my Facebook page : Check it out and if you have friends who will like the clothing and the philosophy, let them know too. Let’s build a tribe!!



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