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The Fashion artist

I was reading about Hussein Chalayan’s collections and i did get round eyed at what can be done with a piece of fabric. In his collection called  “Inertia”, the dresses looked like they were being sucked by something..they were streaming backwards..(see pic) Its amazing..i never did like avant garde, because some are just that for […]


Its been a month of non-posting…but i have been seriously sewing though…i’ve completed princess seams and panel stylelines. I made a dress with princess seam to the armhole. It came out sewing skills have improved tremendously…its true that you beat your brain into learning something and it invariably does and it could become an […]

A week of stylized darts!

I finally finished my chapter on asymmetric darts, parallel darts and intersecting darts.  So i celebrated it with a dress. The dress came out well and it fits me great! It looks  a little formal though that was not the intention. The dress has parallel darts on the shoulder that extends from the shoulder to […]

Computational couture

This is too good…i initially read about it on the Fashion Incubator. There is an app that is being developed called Continuum where you can draw a dress on a female form and it is instantly converted to a 3D pattern that can be flattened out and cut on fabric and sewn…its a whole new […]

A lot of patternmaking

Last week, i didnt get a lot of work done. I was busy partying with family.:D I did although start work on dart manipulation from my pattern making book. I’ve decided that i need to focus on one thing at a time and i cant handle the excitement of making both patterns and clothes for […]

The Jacket

I did it…finished my jacket without losing my hair completely.  I used a Mccalls 6041 pattern. I used a ready made pattern mostly because i wanted the sewing instructions in order to finish it properly.  There are a few issues with the jacket actually. I ended up with the lining much shorter than the body […]

The no sew week

So, the whole of last week, I did no sewing at all, and i was supposed to finish my jacket. Haven’t even started. I did a lot of musing though, on how sewing has taught me patience. I always used to hurry through things and if i cant finish anything in a hurry, i ditch it. I […]

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